Walker Days are almost over

The ‘ice machine.’

It has been almost a week since the knee replacement surgery and the walker seems to be on its final legs. MK hates walkers and canes with a passion and uses that hatred to do her exercises with a vengeance, hoping to knock that walker and cane right out of the picture.

From what I am seeing, she is doing a fine job of displacing the walking devices. She is taking her twice a day regimen and doing more than what is required. We do the exercises in the morning and late afternoon. In the morning, we wake up and I take care of what I need to do, brushing my teeth, setting up the coffee, setting up the amazing ice machine, and then going back upstairs to monitor the exercises and then help MK get ready for the day.

Each day is easier than the preceding.

We have about eight different exercises to do, the last one being the most difficult and requiring one to sit on a chair with arms. One holds on to the arms and does a pendulum sort of exercise of back and forth with the affected leg. Then one pulls it back on the floor as far as possible while scooching the hips forward, forcing a real bend backwards of the joint. After that, shower time, makeup, and descending two flights of bi-level steps to take a position on the family room couch. That difficult exercise has since been replaced with one where she takes her ‘bad’ leg and puts it up on the second step and bends toward the steps while bending that leg. Excruciating, but working toward better movement.

Icing with the magnificent ice machine is amazing. We had never heard of this machine or at least I had not. We did find out that our youngest son, when he had broken his ankle, had access to one. Mind you, this was over twenty years ago! The machine looks like a little cooler for a six pack of beer or pop. It has a rubber foam covered set of two tubes linked together that are about six feet long and end up being attached to a pad that goes around the knee. The cold water flows through this pad. As it happens, you can purchase other attachments so that you can ice a shoulder or whatever. The cooler is filled with ice to a certain level and then water to almost the top. At the hospital, the nurse told us that to make it easier, we should freeze little bottles of drinking water and immerse them in water inside the ‘cooler.’ I bought a bunch of water bottles and thus I have one set in the ‘cooler’ while another is in the freezer.

The visiting nurse, Emile, is here and making sure all is well, The physical therapist is due later. As it turned out, she showed up 2:00 PM or so and MK’s ability to bend her knee is almost 100 degrees. Amazing!

One day at a time.

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