Lara Fabian

A special thanks to fellow French Exchange teacher and fellow Ohioan, John Snyder, for this photo montage. You can see John on the lower right hand corner, kissing Lara.

Our friend Randy Casey came over one day for tutoring and mentioned that a few years ago that he had found a singer on YouTube with a fabulous voice. She was from Belgium, born of a Belgian father and a Sicilian mother. He was totally intrigued with her voice and found out that she has sold over 20 million records worldwide as of 2017. She is considered to be the best selling Belgian artist of all time.

She currently holds both Belgian and Canadian citizenship and resides in Montréal. She was born as Lara Sophie Katy Crokaert on the 9th of January, 1970, sings in at least eight languages (French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, Flemish, German, and Russian), and went to the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

She is amazing and she came to the Chicago Theatre on September 18th. We met Randy downtown for dinner at Catch 35 and then walked around the block to the State Street theatre. It was Mary Kay’s first major foray out after a knee replacement. She was able to sit through it all, actually needing to stand up from time to time and she handled the walking with ease. Thank you, Dr. Ghate.

We were a bit concerned at first at the fact that the 8:00 PM concert area seemed to be filling up slowly. As it turned out, it was more crowded than we expected in that the people seemed to be filing in late. I have been to few concerts of this nature with as many late-goers as this one had. Another surprise was that despite the reminder to turn off our devices, this multi-language crowed seemed incapable of that, pulling out their phones and ‘illegally’ filming the concert. From my estimate, the crowd had a preponderance of Russian speakers and clearly counted many Romanians and eastern bloc European fans in the audience.

Lara did a great job with her pianist and trio of back up singers. I have to say, my impression was that the sound system could have done a better job because it seemed to drown out her beautiful voice at times. Randy, musician that he is, pointed out that perhaps they should ‘can’ the canned music the pianist availed himself of and get a drummer. I agree. Nonetheless, it was a great program with mainly French songs with a smattering of English, Russian, and Italian.

I am ashamed to say that I knew not or at least was not terribly aware of Lara and frankly, that should not have been the case.

My Sonos and my Apple subscription are most assuredly being utilized, at the present time.

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