Bone Broth and Chez Mikey

Chicken Bone Broth

Beef Bone Broth

The other ‘very early morning,’ somewhere around 3:00 AM or so, I awakened from a deep sleep to the smell of highly foodie, seductive smells emanating from our kitchen. It often amazes me that our small kitchen, probably one of the smaller ones on the North Shore of Chicago, might be the one that produces the most amazing foods possible. It also amuses me that the kitchens I have seen in my area are usually filled with the de rigueur granite, islands, more cabinets than a normal person could ever fill, and beauty, and more than likely just a showcase of what a beautiful kitchen could be.

Our kitchen is filled with the most amazing examples of cuisine: American, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, French, Korean, Mexican, and a smattering of this or that cuisine, here and there. It is a most international kitchen and it represents a legacy of language and cultural learning and a fierce love of the homemade, healthy, and organic, and all that good cuisine can and should be.

A few years ago we bit the bullet and bought the most amazing, four burner stove. At the time, it was a huge stretch for us, financially, as it was like buying a car. It was a DCS stove from California. It has only four amazing burners on the top, an electric oven, and an accompanying venting system fit for a restaurant. We luckily had a closed up pipe that fit the required vent.

Mikey had the stock on the stove was simmering all night, as it needed to in order for it to be bone broth. I, myself, had never done an all night broth. I cook my soups for a long time but not to the point that the bones (chicken) actually almost decompose. It made me nervous. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I immediately thought to run down and check it out. Thanks to an amazing stove, the two huge pots of beef and chicken broth were just simmering oh so slowly. The vent wasn’t on, for some reason, so I turned it on, realizing that I was awakened just because the seductive smells were coming upstairs.

It occurred to me that in these troubled times, that food is a great comfort to us. It occurred to me as well that a large part of our population has no idea that good food can be had quite easily. Large well equipped kitchens are nice, but totally unnecessary for the production of good, high quality food.

It may be shameless of me, but I am seriously proud of all my sons, and especially proud of our youngest as he is carrying on the family legacy of good, ethnic foods of all kinds and varieties.

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