Fire and snow

They said there might be snow. There was snow, not in our area, but when I approached the campus of Oakton in Des Plaines, I noticed a smattering of snow here and there. In talking to a colleague at Oakton, I found out that she had about an inch or so of the white stuff on her car this morning. She lives in Elmhurst, south of Oakton and by O’Hare.

Yes, it is that time of the year. Psychologically, we are not ready for this. In my head, it is not supposed to happen until well past Halloween and here we are and Halloween is tomorrow.

The Koerner Snow Removal phone just started ringing. I guess the snow is on everyone’s minds.

It all makes me think that I should make a fire in the fireplace. I haven’t even had time to split the wood for kindling! I guess that little old, slacker me needs to get on the stick, or should I say kindling?

I need to remove the candles from the fireplace, where I stored them in the off season, thinking I might light them in there and enjoy the ambiance. I don’t know what it is about a wood fire, but they are great and we found that it was a great ‘glue’ for the family.

As it now stands, two of our sons live in homes with wood burning fireplaces and one of them even had to pay a small fortune to have his repaired. When there is a fire burning, it not only draws from the house, it draws family members to its hearth and often conversations ensue.

That wood burning fireplace is like a psychiatrist’s couch…

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