Researching plane flights

While her mom was at our house working on plane flights, our grandgirl was putting together paper for a craft. We firmly support the scotch tape enterprise.

Friday was a day that I did not spend checking out the most decent flights or on Black Friday sales, but my wife and ‘daughter’ did. We have an upcoming trip to the Caribbean in the spring and flight prices have been awful.

I know from my own experience trying to find a decent flight when I went to Florida last month, that it was nothing short of a nightmare. The prices are horrendous, the perks that come with them are non-existent, and the times and plane stops are ridiculous (non stop versus multiple pre-destination stops).

I found a decent flight and then realized that I actually had to purchase seats for more money or else I would not be guaranteed a place. I also found out that yes, I could carry on a personal item like a backpack, but that a carry on piece of luggage, not all that large, would require an extra payment. It is totally ridiculous. Coming home from Florida, in order to get a non-stop flight, I had to leave super early in the morning otherwise I would have been landing in Detroit and Washington before arriving in Chicago on a trip from Jacksonville!

I understand that fuel is expensive and that it is complicated, but this is worse than I ever remember it.

I remember back in the day when I could depend on Southwest Airlines to give me a decent deal and without a lot of complications. Those days are clearly over.

The worst part of Friday’s work was that when our ‘daughter’ finally got the flight that worked for her, she booked it and quickly got a call back saying that it didn’t work and that she would have to take another option as the airlines could no longer guarantee what she booked as a valid flight for her.

A whole afternoon was taken for this venture. My question is, “Why?”

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