Paint Touch Up!

About six months ago I was kvetching about how annoying touch up painting is, especially when you have to open up a full can of closed up paint. You then have to mix it up and, well, it is a serious hassle. Sometimes even finding the can of paint is an issue. For years I have searched for some sort of plastic container that would easily fit the bill. Most of the time, my efforts have sort of half-worked, sometimes drying up into a paint rock, sometimes not.

I said to Mary Kay, « Wouldn’t it be nice if someone came up with something like a nail polish bottle that we could fill with a little paint? » She immediately went online and found some empty glass bottles that could do the job.

We ordered them and the came within days. The next time I did touch up, I filled them up. That was the hardest part, paint is thick and required a toothpick to kind of force the paint throught the little funnel that came with the bottles. I then labeled them

Today I finished the touch up of the ceiling and the walls adjacent to the cabinets, in the aftermath of our cabinet refinishing. Although I didn’t have ceiling paint or wall paint in the little bottles, I do now! I also accidentally scratched the walls in the dining room when we had the drawers on the floor. Luckily, I did have a ‘nail polish’ bottle of touch up paint for that and I pulled it out and dabbed the three spots in question. It was a perfect way to do the job!

Now, I currently have about five ‘nail polish’ bottles of touch up ready to go. Let’s just hope that I don’t have to use them.

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