Cold, Wet, Rainy, and a chance of Thunderstorms

We are continuing our work, or should I say our son continues working, on Mary Kay’s ‘sweat shop,’ AKA Sewing Room. I get the residual work of moving things and putting things away and maybe a final sweep. This morning I threw out the crates we used on the Container Store metal folding shelves that are no longer lining the room that we actually call the Rec Room. I had intended to put them out with the garbage yesterday, but I thought a friend might want them. She didn’t so I put them out today. By the time I came back from Stewie’s walk, over half of them were gone.

Yesterday we took MK’s car in for an oil change (and brake redo) and then we went appliance shopping to help out our oldest son, whose home renovations were just amped up date-wise. While there, we saw a former student of mine who works in Deerfield, a delightful guy who was dropping off his car for an oil change. We took him to work so he didn’t have to walk, which was not out of the way since MK had forgotten her sheet of information that we needed for shopping.

Before heading to Abt, we stopped off at Tous les Jours, the Korean-French bakery just to the north of Abt on Milwaukee. We had a great breakfast of almond croissants and some other things as well as lattes.

We were successful at Abt, so much so that our son called in his credit card number and purchased a stove, refrigerator, and micrwave drawer. I don’t know where I have been but I didn’t even know what a microwave drawer was!

I thought I was tutoring but midday I found out it was canceled. We had our youngest grandson over and somehow managed to keep busy. I find it hard to have nothing to do.

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