Root Canal in the times of Coronavirus: Day 69 of Confinement

This violet plant. It is clearly beautiful, I have always treated it as a pesky weed. No more, it is now being placed in places of difficulty: in a narrow bed about eight inches deep next to the garage and in the narrow bed next to my fence with malbor (where it has to fight the devil, Monsanto).

I have been on a rant for several days now. My rant is really pretty sedate, if I do say so myself. At the moment I am waiting for several hours before I am able to eat again, having just come home from the Endodontist and my second installment of my root canal. I luckily did not read too much about it as it was, as I frankly expected, more complex than a novice to the experience would expect.

The temporary filling in my tooth was removed after multiple shots of novocaine. Preceding that was an experience in and of itself. I realized, when I was walking up the steps to the building in Highland Park, that I had forgotten my cloth face mask. Face masks are required in Highland Park. I went back to the car and found a simple mask, but as I put it on, it came apart. I had to figure out how to reattach the elastic and hope and pray it would not let go. It worked. I went in, had my temperature taken from one side of my forehead to the next, and waited there for a few minutes after signing off on a set of questions asking me if I had any symptoms, had been in contact with people with symptoms, had recently traveled, etc. I went into the room with the dental chair and had to wash my hands well while being watched. I then sat down on the plastic covered chair with plastic coverings all over the equipment. I had removed my mask, by this time, and had it in my pocket, as requested.

I had just about an hour in that chair before getting out and heading home. The tooth had been reopened, redrilled, and new ‘fillings’ placed in the space formerly occupied by my nerves. I put on my mask and went home. That was some $1500 ago.

Next root canal business: a new crown that I have a June 24th appointment for.

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