I just cannot stop my rant on this, Day 95 of Confinement

Despite the Coronavirus and my not attending the gym, I have been regularly registering over 10,000 steps. Here is our nightly dog walk.

It is another sunny day, day ninety-five of our Confinement. Since March 19th (a few days after our initial Confinement), when our son, his wife, two daughters, snake, dog, and goldfish moved in with us, we have been pretty much at home. They moved in because of a home rehabbing project: an entirely new kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area on their second floor in their almost one hundred year old house. As the project moved on, it was realized that the electrical and plumbing situations were even worse than they had thought, so they were taken care of along with HVAC and a new, on demand, hot water system. Their house project is nearing completion and the first time we shall be without them will be in early July when they meet other family members in Michigan for their annual get together.

It has been a blessing to have them despite the clear uproar that this has caused. Nonetheless, we have registered not one spat. I moved out of my bathroom and had to move clothing to the master bedroom closet that normally wasn’t held there. I have not been in a grocery store since before March 13th. One of the only public locations I have been in is the Pet Supplies Plus at the corner of Waukegan and Deerfield Roads in Deerfield. I have also been at the Brat Stop in Wisconsin, a total shock as I was pretty much the only person wearing a mask and the Wisconsin population was acting as if there had never been a Pandemic. We purchased take out food and were socially distanced on picnic tables.

The world seems to have gone to ‘Hell in a handbasket,’ as they say, and that includes our glorious MAGA country with a Cheeto headed leader who apparently had Adolf Hitler as a childhood icon. I am aghast at the horror he has caused and continues to cause and even moreso at not only the ignorance that supports him, but also the educated population in government who allow his apparent senility to wreak continued havoc on a country that could ill afford it.

I am sorry to constantly rant, but given a poorly handled Pandemic, a constant invisible threat from the virus that caused it, multiple Pandemic frustrations, and a country seemingly incapable of returning to the values that caused it to come to be, I am a bit frustrated.

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