Someone was talking to me about malbor, the infamous bad neighbor of note. He said to me, « You know, the time you lose with issues like that are gone forever. Think twice before you continue to endure that. »

I know that I have been known to go off on the issue of my supposed neighbor. I also realize that despite the displeasure he has caused me, it really was never enough to make me want to move. Given that I live a few miles from all of my sons and the grandkids, I am not going to just pick up and move away when I have the nice home I have lived in for over thirty years. It just isn’t worth it.

But, it is true that the time we lose, once gone, is never to be had again, and that makes it imperative upon us to live appropriately. Living appropriately is something apparently in short supply today. There are far too many people who cannot see the forest for the trees and who wreak intense havoc upon friends, acquaintances, and even loved ones. It is the top down effect and I am always amazed at how often it happens.

It is times like these when I thank my lucky stars that although I am not overly close to much of my family, due to my dad dying so young, but also even more than not to the fact that I moved away from my hometown in Ohio, that I have a sister who has never really been a stress on me in any way. I can always count on her when things are not going as I would like them to be, and who has some basic common sense and love for her family members without being judgmental. She has been a rock for me.

I see far too many people wasting time on being incredibly cruel and making what could be a good life, less than that just because they are so inward looking that they run like a steamroller over everyone in sight. They make decisions that have a profound effect on everyone and refuse to discuss them once made. Instead of living with the consequences of their decisions, they close their eyes and look the other way while others suffer. They somehow think that that is okay.

It is time that Trump-like ways of dealing with issues be turned aside and allowing good old fashioned common sense, decency, communication, and adherence to promises, comes back into style.

On a funny note, in regards to malbor, he has placed a funny, ugly image in his window facing us when we are on our driveway and, the other day, MK and I were going out for a walk, he walks up with his oxygen tank connected, turns around, and we see that he has taped a sheet of paper on his butt. It says, « Take a close up! » He then bent over and twerked. We had an excessively good laugh over that.

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