Keeping busy…

Wednesday evening’s ‘Waterlogue’ view of the backyard as I wrote this post.

I remember thinking this morning about moving the grandkids’ big riding toys into the Rubbermaid container behind the garage. The two older grandkids pretty much no longer use them and the Pandemic and other things have kept the smaller ones from visiting. The riding toys are just impossible in the garage and make it difficult to find room for anything.

For some reason, I was logical and decided that after my 10:00 AM morning Zoom that I would do the move. I managed to pull it almost completely off by Zoom time, though. I emptied the gardening supplies from the Rubbermaid and proceeded to fill it up.

It ended up being a strangely, busy day. I did my ‘bookkeeping’ as I call it, after my Zoom. I send in the attendance and then take my typed notes and e-mail them to all the attendees. By this time, MK had a visitor and I sat down with them.

To be honest, I was all over the place doing things. I drained a rain barrel into the pond, watered plants in need as things are pretty dry, and later in the day I attended to the needs of the dry sod up front by the new sidewalks. It appears that I am one of the few watering the sod, but I don’t want my lawn to look any worse than it does. I have allowed it to go into a mode of hibernation.

In the morning, I attended to my Concept2 Rowing machine as it had an issue that the Concept2 people sent out a repair for. I did the repair and now I cannot get the flywheel to attach to the ‘monorail.’ I am in contact with them on that.

I did all sorts of things outside despite the feeling that I needed a nap. After lunch, I pulled out the Tung Oil and put a second coat on the re-installed mini-greenhouse surrounding our raised bed spice square. I had put on a coat yesterday. It looks great and should better survive the winter. I also got it into my head that the two nice, wooden folding tables (about 20’’ x 20’’) on the patio needed a coat as well and I must admit that it made a huge difference. Tung Oil is a great varnish wannabe that is easy to use and pretty natural. It was suggested for my wood frame mini-greenhouse.

I took Stewie on a walk, did my Hungarian lessons, spiffed up the house as I vacuumed away all of the locust leaves that plague us at this time of the year. I then took out the blower and blew off the locust leaves on the patio.

We warmed up some leftovers and had a great dinner on the patio.

It is almost 8:00 PM and we are sitting on the patio enjoying the weather.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is gone. Breonna Taylor’s life was taken and the guilty parties are off the hook. No racism in the United States? Oh my…

Tomorrow I need to split some kindling wood. Actually, that is no joke.
Maybe it will help me deal with my anger.

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