The Passionflower

I am so tired of the nightmare that surrounds us via the Pandemic, the Confinement, and an unresponsive government that is hedging on dictatorship. I will thus talk about passionflowers.

I am quite happy with my passionflower and yet I am disappointed that the some fifteen feet of vine going in one direction and the some ten to twelve feet in the other (as I spread out the vines) are loaded with buds and more than several flowers. I finally brought the plant in today as it is getting colder and I am tired of constantly pulling the cart in and out of the garage with the several plants. The passionflower was the bigger of the issues, the others are a hibiscus, a grapefruit tree, and a calamonding tree.

The passionflower is an issue because of the length of its vines. The vines have the buds and flowers and I just cannot see to cutting it back when there is the possibility of more of one of the most exquisite flowers I have ever seen. It is a flower named for the passion of Christ. The numbers of the flower create its religious significance: its spikes from the center are like Jesus’ crown of thorns, there are ten petals for the ten apostles, and more…

So I brought it in and unraveled the vines. I placed the pot in a window and took the two main vines and took one in one direction on the wall and the other one in the other. It took a while. Now the flowers are blooming, the buds are in place to do the same, and I have absolutely no idea when I will cut the plant back, if at all.

Time will tell. Last year, I did not cut it back. I will see.

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