Roofing it!

Okay, so the devil made me do it! While I was swimming, I was thinking how perhaps today was as good as any a day to climb up on my roof and take down the Christmas lights. Little had I known that it would take so long to get up there, given all the snow we have had. Here it is the middle of March and all!

As usual, however, what looked like a quick ‘release the lights and pack them’ ended up being a little more. I made sure that the lights were on, although the LED lights were not easy to see in the daylight. I had issues with several sets not lighting completely so I wanted to make sure to deal with them on the spot. Lights and issues are my ongoing problem; it always seems to create problems for me.

When I arrived on the roof, I realized that roof cleanup was necessary as well, that is what complicated my time up there. The gutters had plenty of twigs as well; all the result of a winter tree trimming that was long overdue. I am thinking though that the tree trimming company gave me a heck of lot more work than I had thought they would, I ended up taking an inordinately long time to clean up the front yard, more than a whole morning and then the back needed cleaning up as well, although that wasn’t as bad.

I unclipped the lights, bagged them, brought them down, all cleaning roof and gutters in the interim. When Mikey got up and saw that I was heading outside I thought he was going to call his mother…nobody had a clue I was out to do this. Frankly, I had no idea myself until it struck me that the timing was right! Mary Kay won’t even notice that I have done this. I hope she doesn’t read the blog!

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  1. Mary Kay Koerner says:

    What??? Are you kidding? It was the first thing I noticed when I got home yesterday! You are a caution, as they used to say!

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