Inauguration Day 2021 – a poem

Inauguration Day 2021

Back in 2016,
I recall

The unheard of
landed with a resounding crash
in the land of the free.

A charismatic,
for some,
populist leader
with fascist tendencies,
a dictator wannabe,
somehow succeeded
in taking
the White House.

He created a Kool-Aid
and it flowed freely,
being drunk
by many an American
who felt unrepresented
by the government.

I never felt that it was legal government.

He was never ‘my President.’

He didn’t get
more of the popular vote
than his sadly maligned opponent,
Hillary Clinton.

Once again,
the Electoral College,
meant to keep minorities at bay,
came to squelch
what should have been.

Did the Russians tamper with our elections?

I cannot help but believe so.

Nonetheless, I wasn’t too afraid,
but when he wouldn’t release his tax information,
I knew we were doomed.

No one would keep him to the usual traditions
and force him to do the right thing.

Our valued safeties
and traditions
were mocked
and ignored.

His cronies surrounded him and kissed him where the sun doesn’t shine.

His lackeys reveled in their new found power.

He lied, he cheated, he denied, he ranted, and he used the social media to stir his minions.

He appointed individuals without credentials to cabinet posts,
some lasted,
and some were changed
like the daily underwear.

It was a nightmare for the country.

It is still a nightmare…
and it wasn’t and isn’t just political.

The inept régime
went on
in their belief in fake news
to be irresponsible
in reaction
to an international plague
and the US of A
proceeded to
kill off
its population
by inattention
to the Coronavirus.

Twenty-four million cases
and over four hundred thousand dead
by Inauguration Day in the US of A.


Now we have to recover.

Now we have to work on a destroyed economy,
the Pandemic,
and the disenfranchised population
that felt that
the man who dehumanized and demonized
a significant part of the American population
and made it okay
to hate them
to the point of intimidating
and even killing them.

they were wrong.

they are culpable,
and yes,
those who committed crimes must
face their past.

Even those nasty politicians
who have since become turncoats
and now agree
that our President
was culpable
in even causing
an insurrection
in our beloved Capitol Building
must be prosecuted.

But yes,
these followers of
a strangely charismatic president
are Americans
and we have to
care for,
and bring these people
back into the fold
in such a way
that this experience
never happens again.

Will we ever learn from History?

About Richard Koerner

Almost seventy something, father, papi, educator, organizer, Francophile, traveler, amateur photographer, gardener, cyclist, kayaker, calligrapher, cinephile, reader, and overall renaissance type human being.
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2 Responses to Inauguration Day 2021 – a poem

  1. Patricia Egan Turner says:

    I’m a proud and prayful Donald J. Trump supporter.
    Pray the Rosary every day. Love, Patsy

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