Alexa and the COVID-19 vaccine

I know many people are annoyed with things like Alexa and how they encroach into our lives and how we may open ourselves up for issues.

Alexa managed to help me procure my vaccination against COVID-19. Last Thursday, I came downstairs and got a cup of coffee, sat down, and politely asked Alexa to play the News. It started out with NPR and very quickly I heard that there was an app that was being touted as having the ability to help us find that elusive vaccination against the coronavirus. MK and I had stood by while numerous people we know were in our age bracket, one that has allowed our vaccinations in Illinois and procuring them all over the city and state. We were not willing to go half-way across the moon for this, so we waited. Our doctor had recently told us that NorthShoreConnect, the app and organization connected to our Health care, would probably be the one where we got it. She also mentioned tha ALLVAX site for Illinois, but thus far that was not happening.

This is a site that is not new, it was originally put together so that people had a way of finding a place, for example, for their flu shots.

Thursday morning, just after seven, found me with two appointments for February and March 26th at a Walgreen’s in Highwood, IL, just a short distance from here.

MK tried, right away, and the open appointments were done for the day. A day or so later, she went on early and procured hers in Deerfield for March 1st and April 1st.

I went yesterday at the allotted time, armed with my driver’s license, my insurance card, and my filled out paperwork. By 12:20, I had my first dose of the Moderna vaccine.

I feel as if I had won the lottery.

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