The first day of fall?

Yesterday, we had four family dogs here for dog play.


I feel as if it is the first real day of fall.

I walked Stewart and was wavering between completing my three miles and walking back early and somehow managed to overcome my negative thoughts about the walk and completed the three.

The weather was in play here. It was in the fifties and windy. The leaves were blowing and I could see piles here and there and kept wondering if all of the leaves would be blown away. The sky was gray and in spite of the AccuWeather report I had just read, I could not help but think that it was going to rain. A few days ago, the same temperature would have felt warmer, I cannot explain it. I also note that each day, it is a little darker than the previous as I set out to walk.

The skunk continues to be at bay, I am wondering where he, she, or they is, maybe taking a breather before stoking up with more food. I am continuing to keep my trap all ready to go and it is full of tuna.

My winterizing is moving along, each day moving ahead. The next thing to go will be the umbrellas, only one remaining outside as somehow I cannot pull it out of the stand. It still remains debatable as to whether or not I maintain the chairs outside and covered or put them in the garage. My gut reaction is to put them in the garage and use that space for the gas grill. That remains a possibility. For whatever reason, I don’t want to make the decision.

As I write this in the house, I hear the gas power tools that are being used by local landscapers. I find them terribly annoying. It is as if there is never a time when we are not hearing them

I need to take a shower, shave my head, and Zoom.

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