On leaving well enough alone…

The Peace Lily is in the center…


Sometimes you need to leave things alone.

In the summer, I realized that it was time for some of my plants to have a change of pot; it had been a while and they were either trying to escape the pot from the pot-bound status, or just stop being.

I did some research and came up with a potting soil mixture that looked really good. I think it truly was and is, but I also think that the change, or at least the change when I made it, caused difficulties for several plants. The hibiscus was the first to feel the pain of change and although it was doing okay, it was plagued by a new pest that I was not able to rid it of. I finally threw the plant outside, wondering if the flying insects within the house that looked like fruit flies but were not, were caused by it. I have noticed, since giving the hibiscus the boot, that the flies seem to be disappearing. I was never able to truly locate the source, but I did notice that the plant was bothered by some pest.

The second plant to feel the pain was the Norfolk pine that had grown quite a bit since it was part of a Christmas planter. I don’t know whether I overwatered, or maybe underwatered, or watered too inconsistently, or if perhaps the new potting soil and the time were the problem. Nonetheless, it started dropping branches and given that the plant itself reminded me of better times, I decided to let it go to that big Norfolk Pine resting place in the sky. I took that pot and filled it with a plant that I got from Lois Fisher, at that time the Chairman of the Library at New Trier, for a gift. It has been a fixture in our home for a very long time. About twenty years ago, when we had Andersen’s replacement windows put in, the intense cold in the house caused it to be severely affected. It was large and beautiful then, a full Peace Lily, and I have slowly but surely nursed it back to health. 

It is now a new transplant, once again. We shall see how that goes.

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