Santa Fe? NOPE!

In the year of the Pandemic, we had decided to take a weekend to go to Santa Fe. I have been through New Mexico on a trip from the west coast years ago, MK had never been at all.

It was not to be.

We were leaving on a Friday, last Friday to be exact. I had prepared for it by making up for my lost ESL and French Conversation Hour time, and on the Sunday beforehand, we made the mistake of listening to NPR’s news on our Amazon Echo, courtesy of Alexa. Wildfires in New Mexico. Climate Change has caused the wildfires to start earlier than normal. Air quality was thus poor. Not a good idea, not at ALL!

Following the news, we canceled and put it on hold. Once again, we were hit by a trip we almost took but still didn’t. In the case of Puerto Rico, we just recently completed it. Santa Fe…well that is on hold.

As MK was looking at her phone around that time, an ad for a Fireside Theatre in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin showed up. We had never heard of it. Subsequent questioning of others made it clear we were among the few not to know of this theatre in the round. We thus made plans for the Saturday when we would have been in New Mexico, to see a play.

We went up early, Friday morning to be exact, to the area of Wisconsin between Madison and Milwaukee where there are pottery makers. We had visited before, years ago. We decided to stay at a B&B in Cambridge because of Rowe Pottery Works and we also went to see the Ephraim Pottery Works in Lake Mills. 

We left on Friday morning, went directly to Cambridge, saw the Rowe Pottery Works (a shadow of its former self, but MK had even thought that they had gone out of business), bought a few things, and then headed to Lake Mills for the Ephraim establishment. That place was even smaller but way pricier and more decorative than utilitarian. We had a charcuterie tray and shared a flight of wine for lunch in town, a great idea and enjoyed all of the beautiful, large homes in the area.

Our stay at the Covington Manor Bed and Breakfast was wonderful, the young proprietor quite proudly showing us her establishment and what she has done since making its purchase. She is married, has a three year old son, and is a former realtor who always wanted a B&B. I must say it was quite enjoyable and not only were our accomodations wonderful, but the gourmet breakfast was completely amazing. 

On Friday night, we went to a Supper Club, a famous type of restaurant known for  a long cabin-like, almost or really kitsch with decorations and a relish tray being part of the meal. Food is generally very good and the type that makes a person smile (and overreat). The Stagecoach Inn, where we went near Fort Atkinson, was wonderful.

On Saturday, after checking out of the B&B, we went to the Fireside Theatre, an apparent staple of the community where you can shop in the boutiques, eat a dinner, and then see a play. Our play was a Lutheran special entitled “A Mighty Fortress is Our Basement,” a Church Basement Ladies play which offers a funny view of the 60s and Lutheran Church groups. We enjoyed it, especially the 2nd act, but realized that we might have enjoyed it more had we had more of a Lutheran background.

All in all, it was not Santa Fe, but the trip to this lovely part of Wisconsin was a nice getaway.

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