To put out the flag or not to put out the flag on Flag Day


I feel bad.

It is Flag Day, a day to put out the flag, the flag that was given to us in my father’s name for his service to his country during World War II. A flag that flew for a moment in Washington D.C., before coming to us and become a revered part of our family.

I am angry.

Angry because I feel that doubt, that glimmer of wondering whether or not I should take the time to put the flag out, angry because of a part of our American population who have placed this doubt in my head. The American flag has become a symbol of the right. In a former world, although I was not always in agreement with the right in terms of politics and political philosophy, I respected the people who spoke for it. They were seemingly good people who had a different opinion. Now, it just seems that the right is more interested in self-aggrandizement and in even getting to the point of doing the stealing that they accuse others of… It is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that so many of the people who are on that side are seemingly okay with hatred, with racism, with cheating, and lies. It is hard to believe that the little progress our country has made in many areas is viewed as something to be dismantled. Add into all of this the tight adherence to a philosophy which allows and almost promotes the shooting of innocent children and victims on a daily basis to the point that despite our supposed advanced civilization, kill off our citizens with guns on every corner and invade countless schools and public places to do what guns were created to do…to kill.

It is wrong.

Any englightened individual can see that the killing is wrong. Failure to admit that and failure to act on it is also wrong.

I am ashamed of my country and its failure to deal with the issues it has.

I am going to place my flag out for Flag Day. I am stating here that I do not accept the flag as a symbol of the American fakery in which we claim to love everyone, talk religion and Jesus at every moment and then treat anyone different as being a lesser being.

What would Jesus say?

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