The George Santos effect and Martin Luther King Day


I need the catharsis of writing down my thoughts.

Despite thinking about it and having subjects I would like to treat, as I sit down and start letting the words flow from the head through my fingertips, I have no idea where this is going.

Maybe that is good.

I have just come off of several days of posting George Santos photos with catchy expressions that make us aware of the lying and modification of truth that he has been involved in as he worked toward being a member of the House of Representatives. It amazes me, or maybe not, that he is getting away with it.

I remember back before the elections of 2016, when I was nervous about the outcome, that I always thought that the lies and truth modifications would catch up with the individuals. I was wrong. For whatever reason, lying seems to work for some people as they become covered with some sort of teflon that allows them to continue on. How they avoid criminal prosecution and prison is beyond me.

We are living in a strange time when that kind of lying is commonplace. For some reason, it is okay for some, and not for others. I know, deep down, that this is not a situation that will last forever. I know that at some point in time, as for other horrific times in history, people will look back and say, “How did that ever happen? How did those people get away with that?” I long, though, for that and I wonder how long it will take.

It is a time period when the news is nothing but depressing. It is a time when the clock seems to have turned backwards instead of moving forward. It is a time when it seems as if respect for others and their lives doesn’t seem very important to some factions of the population. It is especially bad when people perpetrate their negativity on others under the guise of religious beliefs.

I still believe in the basic goodness of humanity and long for it to blossom and become more evident than the hate that seems to grow out of every crack and crevice of our society.

Let’s leave my thoughts there, for the moment. The day is relatively warm for a winter day and the sun is shining. Tonight, we are going out to dinner with beautiful friends to celebrate a job change. I am looking forward to that. Sometimes, you just have to hold on to those small, wonderful moments to get through the tough ones.

WWMLKS?  What would Martin Luther King say?


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