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The Bailey saga

Thursday morning we thought all was well with the canine next door. We had in mind to kind of take it easy since Wednesday didn’t seem as relaxing as we had thought it would be. We did end up going … Continue reading

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Arrival in Florida

Friday started out with a bang as I did my usual and awoke before the alarm went off, not necessarily a bad thing since we were leaving for Florida. The taxi was set up for a 4:00 AM departure from … Continue reading

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Christopher Scotton and his first novel: “The Secret Wisdom of the Earth”

I have read some good books of late but some of them were tedious in terms of reading and although I loved them, I just wanted to be done. Such was not the case with Christopher Scotton’s first novel: “The … Continue reading

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A wonderful Saturday visit…

Saturday had us doing some routine morning activities before going to the airport to pick up a wonderful relative coming to visit for the weekend, not visiting us, but spending a delightful day with us before we took her to … Continue reading

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It is humerus!

I do not know why, but the humerus bone has played an important part in our lives for so many years. Unfortunately, it has not been a humorous situation. The humerus bone is the bone that travels from the shoulder … Continue reading

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