…the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

This is how the puzzle looks today. I think today we shall maybe watch an old classic movie suggested by Julian Wrobel and work some more on it…

I came into the house after a dogwalk, a complicated one at that as I was walking Mr. Esteve (AKA Rincón, Lincoln, Pinkin-Linkin) and Stewie. Despite the cold temps of about 11 degrees F and the ice everywhere. I managed to get in almost a one and a half miles.

Mary Kay says, “We are moving to Australia!”

I asked her why and despite where we thought this was all going, Australia, which has done well in COVID but has cases upon cases right now, decided to send Novak Djokovic out of the country. It seems like the first time in ages that someone has NOT GOTTEN AWAY with some bad behavior. I know this has been playing for days, but maybe this is the beginning of the end for the world madness that rivals COVID in horror. Maybe, maybe, maybe, this is an omen that the evil cycle we are in will be transitioning out and things will normalize and maybe, maybe, maybe, people can be human and have some empathy.

Wishful thinking on my part.

Time will tell.

I don’t think Novak is evil, but clearly he is an icon of non-vaxxers and Australia has rules about that. It is time for people to have to conform to rules and not just get away with everything. It is funny because I keep thinking that if I were to break a rule, everyone would come down hard on me but…

Novak is a bully, clear and simple. The world is full of bullies. The bullies go from the leaders of Russia and Belarus to the rest of the world. The bullies go from world leaders to your cousin. It is time for it to end. On a side note, none of my cousins is in this category, just saying.

The puzzle has been a bully of sorts, but the type that we can deal with. We have had it up for months and thanks to Diane and Ralph, we have a great puzzle board to keep it on. Ms. Bloch-Bauer and Mr. Klimt are not going to bully us any more. Yesterday, we made some significant progress. I finally got the edge right after taking pieces apart for the umpteenth time. This IS the first time that I have not gotten the edging first thing. I also got a significant number of pieces that seemed to be particularly difficult. MK and I are tag teaming. She is taking things that I just don’t feel like working on and I hope I am doing the same for her.

So…if Novak has to leave Australia, and possibly not be allowed back for some three years…is there possibly hope for voters’ rights in the USA?  

You would think I were asking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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