Angry and unreasonable

One of three ‘notices’ that we have received from the powers that be across the ‘DMZ’ from us.

Stewie is being harassed.

There is an irony to all of this. Our neighbor is annoyed when Stewie is in the back yard and sees a squirrel. Seeing a squirrel means an immediate run to the back of the yard and a chase along the fence. Mind you, I have set up roadblocks to the chase, hoping to get him to at least not be able to make a furrow in the mulch. Stewie is no hunter and has not even come close to catching one of them. Our neighbor views squirrels and chipmunks as pests and is equally invested in chasing them, just in a different way.

Stewie does not bark a lot, but he does bark, he is a dog after all. He is not allowed in the back yard late at night any more, after having been sprayed by a skunk, therefore that is not happening. There is no barking after hours. Any barking that occurs will happen at a reasonable hour.

Our neighbor stopped talking to us, I am not even sure when or even which year.

His communication is now to us via eight and a half by eleven sheets of computer paper, printed with current information. On Saturday, May 5th, we were regaled with three of these mini-posters all placed on the fence between our yards.

Although Stewie doesn’t really bark all that much, we have tried to keep it to a minimum. Our anti-bark collar that emits a sound he does not like was used today. Unfortunately, when he gets over enthused, he disregards it. We have a shock collar on order, as we fear that this situation is escalating and the summer hasn’t even started. Starting last summer, a few barks might end up with the air horn being blown.

Our neighbors music is much more controlled than it used to be, not as loud. We don’t complain because of the volatility of the situation. We have had these neighbors since we moved in in 1987. For whatever reason, things were absolutely fine until 2003, when we put in a fireplace that had a chimney that was not to the neighbor’s liking. The yard buzzes with a constant noise of power devices for landscaping and yet we don’t complain.

This part of the summer is not one we are looking forward to… Last year, as a pre-emptive measure, we visited the police station. They agree that we should not ‘poke the bear.’

Why are people so angry and unreasonable?

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